Six Reasons For Using Reusable Face Shields To Fight The Spread Of Covid-19

Posted on: 6 April 2021

Reusable face shields have become popular for fighting the spread of Covid-19. If you're considering purchasing reusable face shields, there are a few things to know about how they can best be used to protect you against this virus.

The following are six reasons for using reusable face shields. 

Reusable face shields prevent large particulates from entering the mouth and eyes of those who wear them. 

It's possible for pathogens on particulates in the air to enter the body through the mouth and eyes. Reusable face shields protect the mouth and eyes from exposure to these pathogens in the air. This is how they prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Reusable face shields can be used in combination with masks for maximum protection.

Individuals should not use face shields instead of masks. Rather, it's best to use face shields in combination with masks. Combining face shields and masks can maximize protection and minimize the chances that an individual will contract the Covid-19 virus. 

You should always avoid touching the front of your face shield.

As a face shield blocks pathogens in the air from reaching the eyes and mouth, these pathogens could potentially accumulate on the front of the face shield. That's why it's important that those using face shields don't touch the front of the shield. 

Reusable face shields should be periodically cleaned and disinfected.

While reusable face shields can be worn many times, they need to be periodically cleaned and disinfected to continue to function effectively. 

During cleanings, the inside and then the outside of the shield should be wiped down with a cloth that has been moistened with a detergent solution. Then, the shield should be thoroughly wiped down with a cloth that has been saturated in a disinfectant solution. The shield should then be air-dried. 

You should wash your hands after you remove a reusable face shield.

While an individual is removing a face shield, they could accidentally touch surfaces of the shield that have been exposed to pathogens. This is why hand-washing is very important after a reusable face shield is removed. 

A face shield needs to extend down past the chin and around the sides for maximum protection.

A face shield that is too small for a particular individual won't protect the mouth and eyes as effectively as it could. Face shields should be long enough to extend down below the chin to fully protect the mouth. They should also curve around the face at the sides to fully protect the eyes.