How To Decide What ECM To Use

Posted on: 18 March 2020

As a home builder, it is important to find an Enterprise Content Management system, or ECM, that works well for your business and your customers. There are numerous ECMs on the market today, form ones that focus more on home builders to more general ECM. It can be difficult to figure out which platform is best for your business. When evaluating the various platforms you can use, here are a few criteria you need to consider.

#1 The Ease of Use

You want to use a platform that your employees can easily adapt to and use. As many ECMs have a customer-facing component as well, you want the experience to be seamless and easy for your customers as well. A little training may be needed in order to understand all the features of the platform; however, it should also be easy enough for someone to navigate without having had advanced training.

#2 Easy to Integrate

The truth is that you are probably already using different software tools to enhance the customer experience already. You don't want to have to get rid of all these tools just because you are adopting a new overarching platform. Look for an ECM that will allow you to easily integrate with the other software systems that you are using. Integrating the systems together can make it easier to use all your various components in a way that doesn't hinder productivity.

#3 Necessary Basic Features

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the fancy features that a platform offers that you overlook the basic features. Make sure any ECM you purchase also supports the basic features that you need to use on a daily basis. You want your daily business life to be easier, not harder, once you implement the platform onto your business.

#4 Future Aiming

You also need to look towards the future. Will the platform support you as your business grows? Will it be able to handle a larger customer load? Will it be able to provide you with tools to handle more customers? Make sure that the ECM is something you can see your business using for the long-term. It takes money and time to invest in a new platform and you want to invest both your money and time wisely into something you can use for the long-term.

When choosing a ECM for your building business, you want to choose one that is easy to use, integrates with current software you use, provides you with necessary basic features, and has room to grow. 

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