4 Tricks For Dealing With Snow

Posted on: 12 February 2020

Snow is extremely pretty to look out when you are standing in your living room, admiring the view from your picture window. However, actually having to go outside and shovel your drive and deal with the snow can feel far from pretty. Shoveling snow doesn't have to be daunting if you have a few tricks for dealing with the snow.

Tip #1: Mark Your Space

Once your driveway and sidewalks are covered in snow, it can be difficult to tell where the edge of your walkway and driveway is at. This problem is easily solved by purchasing some snow stakes, which are long reflective stakes you put into the ground before it snows. The stakes and the reflective top on them will help you easily identify the edge of your sidewalk and driveway.

Tip #2: De-Ice Before it Snows

You don't have to wait for it to snow before you put down some deicer. If you know that it is supposed to snow later in the day, put out some deicer when you are outside. The deicer will help to melt the snow as it falls, and it will help reduce the ice that often accumulates under the snow.

Tip #3: Shovel Over Time

If you are expecting significant snowfall, don't wait for it to stop falling before you start shoveling the snow. If you are expecting more than half a foot of snow, go outside during the snowstorm and shovel. You may feel funny shoveling show when it is falling from the ground, but it is a lot easier to shovel a couple of inches of snow than it is to shovel a foot and a half of snow.

If you are not able to shovel when it is falling, don't try to shovel from the bottom of a big snowdrift. Slowly shovel in layers, reducing the snowpack a couple of inches at a time. Lifting too much snow at once is a sure way to injure your back.

Tip #4: Use a Drop Cloth

Another way to reduce the shoveling load is to take a drop cloth, it could be a plastic one or a canvas one, and place it over your walkway before the snowfalls. Then, after the snowfall, just drag the tarp off your walkway, shake it off, and enjoy an easily cleared sidewalk. This trick works best if you are only expecting a few inches of snow.

If you don't want to deal with the snow at all, you can always hire a snow removal company like Seattle Snow to plow your driveway and do most of the snow removal work for you. This can save you the physical strain and stress of clearing your driveway and is a great way to support local businesses.