Why Your Law Firm Needs Managed IT Services

Posted on: 6 February 2020

If your law firm is growing and you are hiring more lawyers, clerks, or other partners, you are going to need more and more technology to keep the entire firm running smoothly. Technology has changed people's lives for the better in many ways, but it can also be a little scary when you think about just how dependent society is on it. If your tech isn't working, you might not be able to get your job done. If it seems like your law firm has been having more and more IT issues in recent days or months, here's why you might want to bring in some professional help.

Every Time Your Computer Goes Down, So Do Your Billable Hours

Many law firms or lawyers bill clients by the hour. But what do you do if you are 30 minutes into a billable hour and the system crashes? You obviously can't keep working on the computer, so you might have to just wait until the tech problem is fixed. Frequent tech problems could significantly reduce the amount of time you have to put towards billable hours every week. By hiring an IT services team that can step in when needed, you can reduce this downtime and allow your lawyers to bill as many hours as they need.

A Law Firm Dealing With a Sensitive Case Could Be at Risk of a Breach

Managed IT services don't just help out with server crashes or computer errors. They can also provide protection in order to keep a problem from happening in the first place. For example, if your law firm is currently handling a very sensitive case, you might be worried about a hacker or some other shady character trying to breach your law firm's servers to access this sensitive data. Having a dedicated managed IT service available will help ensure that your client's information is protected at all times.

Update Your Tech

A managed IT service can also help bring your law firm into the current century. You could start using video conferencing to take a deposition or use the latest legal software to help you stay organized in the middle of a complicated case. Your managed IT service will be able to provide suggestions to help you update your law firm and will also help ensure that all of this new tech or software runs smoothly.

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