4 Types of Gravel That Work Well for Your Driveway

Posted on: 21 January 2020

Gravel has long been a preferred driveway material. It is less expensive than asphalt or concrete, and you can put it down yourself. All you need to do to maintain it is add a little more gravel to the driveway every year or two. But when you order gravel from a landscaping company, you might be surprised when they ask you what kind of gravel you want. Yes, there's more than one kind of gravel. Here are four types that work well for driveways.

Item 4 Gravel

Item 4 gravel is named such because it contains four major components: bits of recycled concrete, chunks of brick, crushed limestone, and some sand. Some of the pieces are larger than others. The largest pieces are about the size of a golf ball, while the sand is pretty finely ground. If you want a driveway that compacts over time, this gravel is a good choice since the variation in material sizes helps it settle. It's also very inexpensive since it is made largely from waste products. However, the downside of Item 4 gravel is that it's not terribly attractive.

Crushed 57 Stone

This is a larger, more uniform gravel that is made mostly from limestone. The pieces are about the size of a golfball. Crushed 57 stone drains well due to its size, making it a good choice for driveways in really moist climates. The rocks stay looser and don't compress very much over time, which often means you don't need to "top off" your gravel driveway as often.

Crushed 411 Stone

If you want a uniform look but prefer your driveway to compact a bit, then opt for crushed 411 stone. It's a mixture of larger pieces of limestone and some rock dust that has been left over from other stone grinding processes. The stone dust absorbs water over time, helping to prevent puddles and accelerate the compaction process.

Crusher Run

Another option for a compactable driveway is called crusher run or process stone. Like 411, this gravel contains larger stones and stone dust, but it contains more stone dust than the Crushed 411. This makes crusher run a good choice if you have a driveway in a really wet area. The stone dust absorbs water and forms a concrete-like surface. Just be generous when you order the stone so that you make up for the compaction process.

If you have further questions, contact local gravel companies.