Ways To Customize Your Mezzanine Lift

Posted on: 15 January 2020

A mezzanine lift is like a scissor lift in that it can help you get up higher to reach warehouse shelves or other areas that you cannot reach standing on the ground. If you would like to purchase a mezzanine lift, you should know that these lifts can be customized. Given that information, here are a few ways in which you can customize your lift. 

Safety Railings

Mezzanine lifts, in general, do not come with safety railings attached. They are simply platforms on hydraulic systems that elevate you upward for up to fifteen feet. As such, you may want to customize your lift with safety railings so that each time the lift goes up or down, you do not feel like you are about to fall off one side or the other. 

Dumbwaiter Shafts

If you want to surround yourself with walls while riding up and down on the lift, you can customize your lift with a dumbwaiter shaft. Essentially, what this does is wrap your lift with walls all the way around, creating a very secure shaft like an elevator. The walls are very sturdy, and you could not fall through them if you stumble while on the lift. The shaft add-on is a common customization option for any lifts that might be installed for use outdoors, such as the ones commonly used on construction sites to get building supplies up to another story of a building. 

Different Color/Company Colors

Most "mez-lifts" are electroplated in blue, yellow, black, or orange, depending on what manufacturer makes the lift. However, you can change the color or colors of the lift to match your company's colors. Maybe you want a red lift, a green lift, or possibly a white lift. Whatever color or colors you want, the manufacturer that makes customizations to lifts can electroplate your lift with those colors, so long as they are available colors for electroplating. 

More Height

In general, lifts of this sort can only reach so high for safety reasons. Customizing your lift for greater height is a risk, but you should know that you can add "height kits" by requesting that a lift reach up and stop at two, three, or four stories high. If you need something to reach even higher than that, you will have to discuss it with a mechanical and structural design engineer to see if such a lift can be made. It might behoove you to look into elevator cranes instead of trying to make a "mez-lift" reach new heights. 

To learn more about customized mezzanine lifts, visit websites like dumbwaiters.com.