Is Your Elderly Mom Living Alone After Losing A Spouse? 3 Benefits Of Carrying A Concealed Weapon For Senior Women

Posted on: 15 January 2020

Life's challenges seem to increase once people become seniors, and your mother may now be finding that she's on her own for the first time in many years. Although she may still be mourning the loss of her spouse, this is also the time for her to begin the process of rebuilding her life. Many older adults today are choosing to continue to age in their own homes, even if it means doing so alone.

Your mother's choice to remain independent is admirable, but there are some hazards that come with living alone. Without her spouse, your mom may become anxious about what can happen as she does things such as run errands. Concealed carry license classes help to prepare your senior mom to take charge of her own safety by enjoying these three benefits of carrying a personal firearm.

Feel More Confident Traveling Alone at Night

The risk of your senior mom being harmed by a criminal increases in the evening when visibility is lower than it is during the day. Your mom may begin to restrict her activities to avoid being assaulted as she walks through a dark parking lot or even from her car to the front door of her home. Although she will hopefully never need to use it, having a concealed firearm within her reach can make your mom feel safer as she goes about her daily routine. This increased sense of confidence can make the difference between whether or not your mom feels comfortable going out to socialize or whether she chooses to stay in and become isolated.

Improve Situational Awareness

Concealed carry classes focus on more than just learning how to adhere to the laws for carrying a firearm. They also cover essential topics such as how to avoid having to ever use a firearm in the first place. For instance, your mom may learn how to watch for signs of suspicious activity that helps her to avoid becoming a victim. Carrying a firearm also makes people more aware of their surroundings. Having a heightened level of situational awareness helps your mom to be safer when she is out in the community.

Develop a Sense of Empowerment

The loss of her spouse may be leaving your mom feeling vulnerable. Doing something that she has never done before helps to reduce those feelings and replace them with a sense of empowerment. Completing a concealed carry class also gives your mom a sense of accomplishment that has a positive impact on her ability to begin the process of learning to live on her own.

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