How To Keep People Comfortable In Your Hospital Waiting Room

Posted on: 26 December 2019

Hospital waiting rooms or the waiting room at the doctor's office typically have a less-than-stellar reputation. Patients and their families probably expect the room to feel cramped or overly sterile and bland. If you want to keep your patients or their families as comfortable as possible during their time with you, an update or rearrangement of your commercial office furniture might be in order. Here's how the right setup can make your waiting room more pleasant for everyone.

Set Up Different Areas

At first, lining up chairs side by side seems like the most efficient way to set up a waiting room, but having to sit right next to a stranger for a long period of time could be uncomfortable. Putting a little space between each chair could be helpful, but another idea is to set up areas that are clearly meant for different purposes. Set up a glass table in one corner with chairs all the way around it. A family could sit there together or use the table to eat lunch out of the hospital's vending machines if they will be there for a while. Set up a traditional desk in another space in case there is someone with a laptop who needs to get some work done. Then you can still line up chairs for any people who come in on their own, giving them as much space as possible.

Add a Few Bells and Whistles

Your waiting room might be more comfortable if it has more comforts from home. Order a mini-fridge for every waiting room in the hospital and offer free water or pop that's nice and cold. Set up a table that is dedicated to serving up hot coffee, tea or cocoa as well. Add a massage chair in the corner of the room that someone can use to relax if they are feeling stressed out about what's going on in the hospital. People won't forget they are still in a hospital, but some extra amenities can help them make it through.

Your hospital's waiting room doesn't have to be sterile and boring. Upgrade your furniture with chairs, couches or sofas that people actually want to sit on. Add a few nice tables or desks for people who need to eat while they are there or do some work with their laptops or tablet. Add extra perks like beverage options and you'll have a space that is at least comfortable to be in, even if your patients and their families would rather be somewhere else. Talk to a commercial office furniture company today for more tips