What Post Caps Can Do For Your Fence

Posted on: 19 November 2019

If you are constructing a very nice fence around your business property, you want to add the details that make a difference and will protect your fence. Those details are often in the post caps, which come in 4x4 post caps and 6x6 post caps. To get a really good idea of how important these caps are, the following is provided. 

Post Protection

When you are installing a vinyl fence, you will install several square posts spaced several feet apart. A plastic vinyl post cover goes over the majority of the post as you install the fence panels. What is left exposed are the tops of the posts. Since the wooden posts are subject to all kinds of wet weather, they can (and will!) rot if you do not cap the posts. That is the primary function of the post caps; to keep precipitation from wetting the posts and causing them to rot. If the posts rot, the fence could fail, and it would eventually fall over or buckle. These post caps will help to protect your fence and keep it durable.

Post Decoration

Post caps decorate the very tops of each post. They add an extra decorative flair that the posts would not otherwise have, and they bring a little extra touch to the panels in between each set of posts. What is more, you can get caps that look like crown molding, or caps that are different colors if you want to add a contrasting color to the posts and the fence. 

Post Lighting

Since you are fencing in your business property, here's an added measure of security you can add to the fence itself. Solar caps collect solar energy by day and light up your property all night. The vibrant light offered by these caps can help illuminate a dark parking lot for safety, or illuminate the lot so that security cameras can get a better view of any trespassers or assailants (in the event that that should happen). 

If you are having a professional install the fence, he/she will know exactly how many post caps to buy ahead of time. If there is a particular style, or you want lighted caps, be sure to convey this to your fencing contractor. If you are attempting to DIY the fence, buy as many caps as posts. You can always return extra caps and posts to the retailer later.